#the way Cas inclines his head to look at Dean in the second one #he’s like #’dean why are you bent over like that are you hurt dean’ #’why are you laUGHING if you’re hurt’

#seriously though #that second gif #cas just has no idea what’s going on #he has no idea why Dean is laughing and he’s just switching between looking around and watching dean #so utterly confused bending over to try and figure it #but in the end he’s like Dean i don’t know why you are laughing but i really like it and #and it fills me with happiness #Cas really is clueless #but he’s smiling because Dean happy #makes Cas happy

wingedsugaraddict-deactivated20 asked: "Hey, Balthazar. Someone told me this was your favourite song." Gabriel smirks before singing: "Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on!"

Gabriel, you’re my brother and I love you, but you’re a bastard. And I won’t hesitate to make sure there are no sweets around when I’m with you if you continue singing that bloody song.

Spin - Dean x Cas


Jesus fucking christ. The moment those filthy words spilled out of Cas’ throat. Son of a bitch. He wasn’t expecting to hear anything so obscene, in that low rumbling voice practically dripping with sex during everyday conversation. Fuck, it went straight to his cock, those words, the tingling now becoming a painful throb between his legs. Dean abruptly sat up, pausing from his worshipping of Castiel’s nape, staring at him with eyes of liquid fire. “Goddamn…” It was the first word he’d managed to form, a good few minutes after hearing Castiel writhe and beg beneath him. Who could blame him. The words had caught him completely off guard — in a very good way. It would only be fair to comply to his wishes.

Wrapping his free hand around the angel’s length, Dean hunched over and drew a fine line along his jugular vein using the tip of his tongue. It was then that Castiel decided to murmur a whisper into his ear. Shit. Yep, that was it. Self restraint completely gone. Done and dusted. Finito. 

‘I’m going to fuck you, Cas. I’m going to fuck you until you scream. I’m going to hold you down and have you begging me not to stop. And every time you get close,” Dean’s tongue brushed along the angel’s earlobe, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Every time, I’m going to stop. Until you least expect it.” His voice was dirty, Dean finishing the sentence with a playful nip at his ear, hoisting one of Castiel’s legs up to wrap around his hips. “What do you say, angel? Fancy playing my little game?”

*His shoulders pushed back against the bed when Dean’s hand clasped his length, his mouth opening in a silent cry. He was pliant as Dean moved his leg to wrap around Dean’s hips, his other leg moving to join it on the opposite side, ankles crossing to secure Dean’s place between them with minimal thought*


*His voice rough with the onslaught of feelings and his eyes locked onto Dean’s face. He’d always say yes to Dean in a situation like this. Whatever Dean wanted, he’d give him anything. At this moment, Dean could ask him to renounce his Father and worship Dean’s body for eternity and he’d reply without hesitation.*

*Burying his face in Dean’s neck and shoulder, he clenched his hands into fists with the desire to wrap around and cling to Dean, but not finding the energy required to break from Dean’s grip on them. Mouthing across Dean’s beautifully freckled skin the thought that Dean was not fully aware how long angel intercourse takes crossed his mind. Odds were that Dean would come before Cas was half way there, and the idea that Dean would prolong that even more… sent delicious shivers of anticipation down his spine, his wings which at this point were partially materialized flared out on the bed sheets*

Dean, please yes

Spin - Dean x Cas


The kiss was hot, Castiel learning quickly exactly what Dean liked. Dean’s half limp cock now stood up at full attention, seeing the power in Castiel’s eyes, and that goddamn stoic stare that always set the hairs on the back of his neck on end. Breaking apart the kiss, his body tensed up as Cas ground into his hips again. Goddamn torture. Dean was probably going to explode before anything significant occurred, if he kept that up. Time to take control of the situation, in the typical Winchester way. “My angel,” Dean’s voice growled possessively, fingernails digging into the flesh of Castiel’s back and scratching down along his spine right before he rolled him onto his back with a straddle. Pinning his arms above his head, Dean smirked at the dazed expression Castiel now wore. That goddamn sex hair, and those freaky blue eyes. Jesus christ. Could you come just by looking at someone? Dean was damn tempted to.

Continuing to pins his arms with one hand now, Dean’s free hand began to roam along the taut muscles of Castiel’s abdomen, revelling in the feeling of two-day stubble tickling his neck. Sucking on the exposed skin of the angel’s neck, Dean left a trail of red marks, wanting to show the world exactly who Castiel belonged to in a move that could only be characterized as aggressively possessive. “What do you want?” His voice asked teasingly, needing to hear the words of affirmation from the angel’s lips.

*One moment his skin felt lightning dance along his back from Dean clawing and words, and the next he was on his back with his arms pinned. His hands were no longer touching Dean. This was unacceptable. But then he felt a mouth on his neck and he let out a slow moan, forgetting that he could easily push Dean off him*

*What did he want? He wasn’t sure he could put it into words. At the root of it what he wanted was Dean. Anything Dean would give him, he’d greedily take. Arching his hips up into the ones atop him, his foggy mind tried to remember the best way to say what he wanted. Even if he couldn’t tell Dean that he’d watched a lot of porn (for research of course, he didn’t get much out of it and understood less than half of it) he could at least demonstrate*

Dean… *He rolled his neck so as to give Dean more room to leave marks, the very fiber of his being shivering from the knowledge that they’d made marks on each other, a visual connection that he reveled in.*

*Opening his eyes as much as he could, the glow of his grace swirling and making his eyes a blue not normally possible in human biology, he attempted to answer the question. Opening his mouth he let loose a hitched moan and then the words just tumbled out* Fuck me, Dean.

*He surged his head up and latched his lips onto the end of Dean’s jaw just under his ear, nipping lightly and laving his tongue across the bite. His voice like rolling thunder his murmured into the shell of his ear* Please… Dean 

  • Kylie: calm down cas
  • Jay: I'm reminding Cas of spin and he shut up
  • Jay: great, now he has a boner and we're watching star trek



Best of Balthazar

All in favor of Balthazar returning and kicking Cas into realizing he is in love with Dean say I.

Spin - Dean x Cas


Wow. This was it. He was actually having sex with Cas. Man, if someone had’ve told him all those years ago when he’d first met the angel that this was where they’d end up… Dean couldn’t help but smile at the thought, shaking his head in amusement. But really, he couldn’t imagine it ending up any other way. The guy had ‘raised him from perdition’ and burned a freaking mark onto his arm, almost as if to claim him as his own. Dude was crazy, but Dean wouldn’t have it any other way. Castiel was his fallen angel. Sucking on his bottom lip, he felt his body tingle in pleasure as the man lost his tongue and chanted his name like a prayer. It was intoxicating, the noises that were being expelled from his innocent angel’s mouth. Intoxicating and completely erotic. 

Dean wouldn’t admit this later, but he audibly purred when he felt Castiel’s hand tighten over the brand, catching the way the angel’s eyes were literally on fire. Shit. “Cas, I swear to God if you burn my eyes out of my sockets accidentally, yeah, that’d definitely be a boner kille—” His words were cut off with an audible choke, his own moans filling the room when Castiel’s body dipped down and rolled against his own. Hips arching off the bed, Dean sucked in a sharp breath as his pulse heightened exponentially. “Shit, Cas. Shit.” Vocalizing his thoughts in a pleasure-filled hiss, Dean clenched his eyes shut and dropped his arms to his sides, wrapping his hands in the far-too-neat sheets beneath them. 

“How do you even—” Another thrust. Growl. “— know what you’re do—” Son of a bitch, there it was, that friction again. One of Dean’s hands moved up to grip the angel’s hair, tugging roughly on the strands as he pulled down his mouth to meet his own in a drunken kiss. 

Dean. *His voice growled out, trying to decide if he should answer Dean’s statement or just continue using only his name.* Deeean *Screw conversation, Dean’s hand was in his hair and tugging, using words seemed very unnecessary at the moment*

Ah De-*cut off with a kiss, Cas continued rolling his body with even more fervor now that he knew Dean was liking it. He spared a fraction of his attention to mull over Dean’s unfinished question. He wondered if he should tell Dean of all the porn he’d watched since last seeing the brothers. Probably not, Dean said it was something you didn’t talk about*

*His grip on Dean’s arm he knew was starting to cross the line into painful, so he made up for it by kissing Dean as passionately as he could, moaning into his mouth, his one word prayer being swallowed up* 

*He half closed his glowing eyes, wings moving in the same flow and twist his body was, decorating the walls and ceiling so that it seemed that the entire space around them was involved in the act*


Mun got a job. A full time job working at Harley Davidson. Remember mun has a biker kink.

Anyway, mun has less time being an obsessed blogger, so replies will be done mainly at night in the Alaskan timezone.


Your papers are due in two weeks. No extensions. Any questions?
Class dismissed.

People need this. So I thought, why the hell not.


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Angels… they’re falling.

When my roommate and I watched the finale (sob), I paused because we were lamenting the idiots that are the Winchesters. I mean, shouldn’t they have learned not to leave the demons alone by now? And then we saw the look Cas was giving and it looked like he was looking at us!
Looked like he’s saying:
"See what I have to deal with?"
"Fucking Winchesters."


When my roommate and I watched the finale (sob), I paused because we were lamenting the idiots that are the Winchesters. I mean, shouldn’t they have learned not to leave the demons alone by now? And then we saw the look Cas was giving and it looked like he was looking at us!

Looked like he’s saying:

"See what I have to deal with?"


"Fucking Winchesters."